San Diego Titanium


Commemorating the Spanish galleon “San Diego” we have created this titanium watch, sapphire crystal, full night vision and automatic movement. Made with the best materials.

The Inside Dial

Made with mother-of-pearl, it is an organic-inorganic compound found in various mollusks. It is resistant and iridescent, which means that depending on the light, the color of the mother-of-pearl on the dial will change into different shades of blue.

San Diego


When we created this watch, we focused on making something very light and wearable for everyday use. The titanium case and strap along with the sapphire crystal and full night vision have made this watch a historical piece. It is also very important to highlight the inner sphere made of black mother of pearl that represents all the treasures found in the shipwreck.

San Diego


The History of San Diego

Formerly known as San Antonio, she was a merchant ship built in Cebu, but in late October 1600 Don Antonio de Morga, vice-governor general of the Philippines, ordered to convert it into a warship and renamed the ship as San Diego.

On December 14, 1600, about 50 kilometers southwest of Manila, the Spanish battleship San Diego collided with the Dutch ship called Mauricio. All the odds were in favor of the Spanish ship. The ship San Diego was four times larger than Mauricio, had a crew of 450 men and great firepower with 14 cannons taken from the Manila fortress.

Unfortunately, the ship San Diego leaked below the waterline, either from the first cannonball fired by Mauricio or from the impact of ramming the Dutch at full speed. Due to inexperience, Morga did not issue orders to save San Diego and it sank “like a stone” when he ordered his men to abandon the burning Dutch ship.

The Discovery of the San Diego

In 1991, underwater archaeologist Frank Goddio deduced an area in which the shipwreck likely lay and mapped out an area two and a quarter miles long and a mile and a half wide to explore. Almost at the end of the time allotted for the search effort, it was discovered that the wreckage of the San Diego was 52 meters below the surface and less than half a mile from the shore.

Continuing the excavation, the team saw for the first time hundreds of stoneware jugs, cannons and anchors, they also discovered blue and white Ming pieces.

Little by little the diversity and quantity of the cargo was revealed: Japanese sword hilts, weapons and stoneware jugs from Vietnam, Thailand, China, silver and gold coins, cutlery, the ship’s compass and an astrolabe, as well as objects of everyday life.


Full Night Vision

The hands, the indicators on the bezel, and the ring inside the dial glow in the dark, ensuring your watch remains visible even in low-light conditions

Domed sapphire crystal

“Sapphire crystals are much more resistant to scratches than the minerals crystals, often seen in affordable watches.” It is coated with an anti-reflective for maximum readability in any light level.


It has a date indicator, and a 120-click unidirectional rotating bezel. These 120 clicks are used in high quality watches and make the bezel rotation very smooth.

Screw-down crown

The crown is used to wind the watch and set the date and time, which is located at the 4 o’clock position. This provides more comfortable daily use, as in this position you are less likely to accidentally push it. Once the time is set, the crown is screwed down firmly to prevent water from penetrating inside.

The movement

It’s never easy to choose a reliable movement manufacturer, but after over 10 years of experience testing most Swiss, Japanese, and Chinese movements, we’ve concluded that Japanese Miyota mechanical movements are as good as Swiss ones, but with a better price point, making them more affordable for customers. This San Diego watch has a Miyota caliber 8215 automatic movement.


We handle the entire manufacturing process, from the initial designs created in our office in Madrid, to production and sample assembly, using the finest materials and components we can find to construct timeless watches. Colomer & Sons watches are crafted with titanium cases, providing utmost strength and durability, ensuring the watch comfortably fits wrists of all sizes, for both men and women.


Fair Prices

Our prices with a 10-year guarantee are competitive because we’re revolutionizing our business model, eliminating intermediaries between the product and the customer. That was always the idea behind Colomer & Sons from the beginning



At Colomer & Sons, you have a qualified team of technicians at your disposal, as well as all the necessary parts for the care and repair of your watch. Not only during the 10-year warranty period we offer on all models but also to keep it in perfect condition for decades to come.


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